You came to this website because you are looking for a masturbator. That’s a good choice because a masturbator will definitely extend your sex life. With a masturbator you usually come more intensely and you can experience the feeling of penetration into a vagina. Most men experience masturbation as tastier and more intense. But which masturbator should you choose now? Understandably, you may find this difficult as there are quite a few different masturbators available. With a wide range of over 300 masturbators you will find the most extensive range on this webshop. But yes, which one is the most suitable for you?

Make a selection within our Cirilla’s web shop For autoblow 2 male masturbator

We have already divided our Cirilla’s webshop into various categories. We have made a distinction between the type of autoblow 2 male masturbator such as a normal masturbator, a flashlight or a tenga. We have also made a distinction in the type of opening such as an artificial anus or an artificial mouth. You can find masturbators with vaginal openings under the heading ‘all masturbators. A special kind of masturbator is an inflatable doll.

What should I pay attention to?

Length and diameter

One penis is not the other. Pay close attention to the diameter of the opening and the length + diameter of the internal sleeve / tunnel. The dimensions are stated for each product.


Material is the most important part of a masturbator. Most autoblow 2 male masturbator come with a soft material so that it is comfortable to use. Nevertheless, there are differences between various masturbators and this is mainly due to the choice of material. Major manufacturers have even developed a patented type of material for this, such as Cyber skin or Fanta flesh from manufacturer Flesh light. The basis of these patented materials is silicone. Silicone provides the most realistic mimicry of human skin and flesh texture.

Type of opening

On our webshop you can choose between various openings such as a neutral opening, vaginal opening, anal opening and an oral opening. Obviously this is a matter of taste and sexual preference. Most manufacturers such as Fleshlight offer all types of openings in their range. Manufacturer Fleshlight Toys (and recently also various other providers of comparable quality) has developed a special version of the Fleshlight for gay men, namely the Flashjack.

A special and very popular blowjob simulator (the most sold in the world) is the Autoblow.

If you prefer special positions, you can opt for various realistic masturbators.

Lube already added?

You get the best feeling by using your autoblow 2 male masturbator in combination with a lubricant. Some products are already provided with a lubricant. We particularly mention the Tenga masturbators. Many masturbators come with a free tube of lubricant. This is then stated in the description. A tube of lubricant and a toy cleaner are included with almost all masturbators. You will always receive a free tube of lubricant with us (on top of all standard lubricant tubes)!


Some autoblow 2 male masturbator have extra good suction power for an optimal simulation of reality. Especially Tenga masturbators, Fleshlight (and similar) masturbators, the Autoblow2 and automatic masturbators are known for their good suction power. In our opinion, the Autoblow2 is at the forefront of suction power.

Cleaning and sustainability

In order to be able to use your autoblow 2 male masturbator as often as possible, both the type of material and the ability to clean it are very important. Most masturbators on our webshop are made for multiple use.

It is best to clean your masturbator after use with warm water (no soap) and a designated toy cleaner. For optimal maintenance, you can treat your masturbator after use with a special maintenance powder. This keeps the material supple and soft for longer.

Masturbators with a removable internal sleeve (tunnel) or a masturbator that you can fold open are generally easier to clean.

Internal sleeve

The internal sleeve is the tunnel in which your penis moves back and forth. Most internal sleeves have stimulating nubs and bumps. Logical, because a real vagina does not have a smooth structure. In principle you can endlessly experiment with different masturbators. Almost every masturbator has its own unique internal sleeve.

With the autoblow 2 male masturbator (and similar items) the internal tunnels are simulated as much as possible so that the experience is as realistic as possible. A masturbator with an anal opening has an internal tunnel with realistic anal structures. An artificial vagina with a vaginal opening contains an internal tunnel with realistic vaginal structures and the internal sleeve of an artificial mouth with an oral opening is as close as possible to the pharynx.

Special masturbators are Tenga masturbators. These masturbators each contain a unique internal tunnel but do not mimic a realistic feeling. The Japanese manufacturer wants to distinguish itself with a unique feeling that you have never experienced before.

Vibration and automatic function

Some masturbators are equipped with a vibrating function or move back and forth automatically. Usually the masturbators are equipped with various vibration settings. A vibrating masturbator gives you even more pleasure.


You get the most realistic experience with a lifelike masturbator . The design of the opening of a masturbator in particular can be important for the experience. Because the eye wants something too! Most masturbators on our webshop have a realistic designed opening. You can choose from an anal (anus) opening, a vaginal opening or an oral (mouth) opening.


Do you like a solid autoblow 2 male masturbator session? Then the grip of a masturbator while moving back and forth is very important. Fleshlight-like toys and Easy rider masturbators have a good grip. The superSckr also has a good grip. There are also masturbators with a special handle

Use as training for real work

You can also use your masturbator to prepare for the real thing. Some men cum quickly, which may affect their sex life. With a good masturbator you can train your penis to come less quickly. Masturbators in the form of a flashlight even claim that you cannot last as long with such a masturbator (so you will come faster) than during sex with your partner. An ideal aid to teach yourself to delay ejaculation.

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