The sales of sex toys have indeed increased a lot in the last few years, and there is a big reason for that. Even though sex toys have been around for ages, most sex shops don’t have multiple options like nowadays. Everyone has seen a dildo or a vibrator at least once, and those types of toys are the most common. However, new types of sex toys have come to the market and increased the sales like crazy.
You’re probably asking yourself what kind of toys stores could offer for sales to increase almost double, and we are here to show you. We’ve all seen how dildos and vibrators work, but have you ever seen a silicone vagina or a replica of a girl’s mouth ever before? Those types of toys are the hottest on the market, and everyone is going crazy over them because the feeling these toys provide you is as close to the real thing as it gets.

Most popular toys on Cirilla

While so many sex toys are available nowadays, it is very hard to determine which toys are the best. Every toy has a different purpose, so you can’t really compare them just like that. They all provide unforgettable pleasure. You just have to decide what you are looking for. To help you find a toy made solely for your pleasure, we will list the top 5 top-selling sex toys under $100 from Zero Tolerance that other customers marked as the best ones the store has to offer.

1. Real Mouth Stroke

There are a lot of guys out there who would do anything for a nice blowjob. Well, their time has come, thanks to a real mouth stroker sex toy. This outstanding sex toy provides almost the same experience as a guy would get from a girl, if not even better. This toy is designed like a mouth that can be opened and filled with your penis. Using this toy is completely safe. It is made from silicone and has a life-like tongue that can provide you with an unforgettable experience.

The length of this amazing sex toy is over 6 inches, which means even those with an above average penis can experience what deep-throating feels like. The hidden feature of this sex toy is that the tongue extends out for underside stimulation. Previous customers have rated this sex toy as the best amount others from the same brand, and it has a reasonable price of only $44.

2. Kendra Lust’s Life Size Vagina with Ass Masturbator

Kendra Lust is one of the most famous pornstars worldwide, and we finally get to experience what it’s like having sex with her. It might not be sex with her directly, but you will get the next best thing by using this amazing sex toy. This toy is molded directly from Kendra’s vagina, meaning you get the exact replica of her for just $90.

This toy comes with a complete ass as well, just to make the experience as realistic as possible. You will also find four full-length DVDs in the package that you can watch while having intercourse with the mold of Kendra’s vagina. This whole package was designed solely for your pleasure, so you can penetrate her vagina while watching some of her best porn scenes and caressing her ass at the same time.

3. Intro To Prostate Kit

Experience next things by using a kit of sex toys made solely for your pleasure by massaging your prostate. This kit of sex toys has four different toys that will make your experience far better than expected. These toys have different modes that go from beginner to advanced and also have a couple of other modes in between. A guide is included in this set, and you can watch the DVD where Dr. Ava tells you what to do if you need help using this unique set of toys. Toys are made from silicone and are 100% safe to use.

This set of toys has two non-vibrating prostate stimulators in different sizes. There is also a non-vibrator stimulator that has a stretchy cock ring included. If these three toys aren’t enough, then you will definitely have the best time with the vibrating prostate massager. This 5.6-inch toy requires only 1 AAA battery to work and will change how you look at sex toys after using it. All four toys are waterproof, meaning you can wash them after every use to keep them squeaky clean. Above mentioned toys include a warranty of 5 long years and can be purchased for only $44.

4. Sasha Grey Realistic Vagina & Ass Stroker

If we were to make a list of naughtiest pornstars ever, Sasha Gray would definitely be at the very top of that list. Her outstanding skills made her famous, which is one reason they created an identical mold of her vagina. This type of sex toy is unique because you probably haven’t seen anything like it before. Not only do you get the exact replica of her vagina, but you also get an ass stroker attached to her vagina. It makes the experience much better when you can caress an ass while having sex with the next best thing to Sasha’s vagina.
Sasha’s replica of pussy comes with a DVD that you can watch while using the sex toy. This makes the experience much more realistic, and you might even get the feeling that you are having sex with Sasha Grey herself. The total price of everything included is $62, which is far less than you would need to have sex with Sasha herself if it were possible.

5. Like a Virgin Stroker

Having intercourse with a virgin is a unique experience, and some people prefer it over anything else. Thanks to this particular sex toy, you will have a chance to “pop the cherry.” The toy is made tight, simulating the experience of having sex with a virgin woman. The vaginal is made just like the real thing in order to make the experience as realistic as possible.

The price of this unique sex toy is $42, and it comes with a complementary Zero Tolerance DVD file and lubricant sample to make the experience far more realistic and better than any other toy could.

How to find the best sex toy?

Picking only one sex toy out of dozens is not as easy as you would think, which is why we are here to help you decide. The store on Cirilla offers numerous sex toys from Zero Tolerance and other brands, but we have listed only the top-selling ones for you. Above mentioned sex toys have proved as the best ones among other customers, and we hope that this list of top 5 sex toys will help you find something that will provide you with an experience unlike anything before.

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