Top 7 - Top 7 Sex Toys Every Couple Needs

7 Sex Toys Every Couple Needs In Their Sex Toy Collection

There are many couples out there that enjoy the occasional use of sex toys in the bedroom, however, the options are usually very limited. Individuals tend to keep things within their comfort zones, which is fine, but they’re the ones missing out on a lot of fun.

To keep things interesting and fresh, experts recommend the use of a number of sex toys and accessories that will allow both partners to experience more intense sexual pleasure and stimuli.

In this article, we’ll talk about the essential sex toys every couple should have in their sex toy collection.

Realistic Vibrator

A realistic vibrator is one of the most essential sex toys for both couples and individuals. You can find a realistic vibrator in various shapes and sizes, but what differentiates them from other sex toys is that they most resemble a human sex organ.

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The great thing about a realistic vibrator is that it can be used for solo play, but also with your partner. With or without vibration turned on, a vibrator will provide intense sexual pleasure. It can be used for clitoral stimulation, but also for vaginal and anal penetration. The key to having the best possible experience is to go slowly and increase stimulation accordingly.

For couples with a more adventurous spirit, a realistic vibrator can also be used for double penetration. For many open-minded women, double penetration is the ultimate sexual fantasy, however, most of them ignore this fantasy in order to stay faithful to their partners. With a realistic vibrator, this sexual fantasy can become reality, or at least, the next best thing.

Lana Rhoades Fleshlight

The next sex toy on our list is a bit unconventional, but it can do wonders for men and couples. We’re talking about the Lana Rhoades fleshlight.

There isn’t a man out there who hasn’t fantasized about having intercourse with a celebrity pornstar, and with this sex toy, it’s the next best thing. It’s designed in a way that lets men feel wildly intense stimulation, all while staying faithful to their partner.

This type of sex toy is an amazing addition to any couple that likes being adventurous and fantasizes about seeing their partner have sex with someone else. The Lana Rhoades fleshlight can be used in both solo and partner play.

Magic Wand Plus

The next product in our list is the Magic Wand Plus. This sex toy is specifically designed for clitoral stimulation, however, it can be used to stimulate the penis as well.

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This sex toy is probably one of the most famous ones out there, and one of the favorite ones for female solo play. With several vibration settings, it’s easy to get the right vibe that will increase pleasure and provide increased sexual satisfaction. When being intimate with a partner, the Magic Wand Plus can also help get you in the mood for some kinky moments.

Strap On Dildo

A strap on dildo is probably one of the most unexpected products on our list, but it can be used in so many ways that it would be a sin not to include it as one of the most essential pieces of equipment couples should use.

Finding a partner with a matching sex drive can be challenging, and a strap on dildo can be exactly what you need to feel sexually fulfilled. The strap on dildo is most commonly used by bisexual couples where both partners enjoy penetration.

The great thing about this sex toy is the fact that you can choose between a variety of shapes and sizes. This allows both couples and individuals to choose a specific type of strap on dildo that will work for them best.

AutoBlow 2.0

The AutoBlow 2.0 is a very similar product to the Lana Rhoades Fleshlight, however, it’s designed to mimic a blowjob rather than vaginal penetration. The Autoblow 2.0 includes rotating ball beads inside which gives men the sensation of a real blowjob.

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Although this product is clearly designed for individuals with a penis, it can still be used by couples as an accessory that can further improve foreplay. As a solo play sex toy, the AutoBlow 2.0 is a fabulous choice for anyone who loves getting a blowjob. This product comes with a standard B size sleeve, however, you can go larger or smaller, depending on your size. To get the best experience possible, you can choose between several stroking speeds.

Rabbit Vibrator

The rabbit vibrator comes in different shapes, sizes, and designs. It’s built both for vaginal, clitoral, and anal stimulation, and which one you’ll choose depends on your fantasies and preferences. It’s not designed to look realistic, but rather to be effective. Most rabbit vibrators include a number of vibration options and patterns, which allows the user to specifically choose the speed which feels best for them.

The rabbit vibrator can be used in solo play, but also as a great addition to couples play. It can also be used as a form of foreplay, and in various BDSM activities. Giving your partner full control over the vibrator gives the feeling of being dominated, which, in turn, increases arousal in both partners.


Last on our list, but certainly among the most important accessories in a sex toy collection is lubricant. It’s recommended to use water-based lubricant because it’s much easier to clean, and it’s less aggressive for skin. There are countless water-based lubricant brands out there, with and without scent.

Lubricant is also essential for any type of penetration, whether it’s vaginal or anal. Most sex toys from our list actually require proper lubrication for the best effects.


We’ve listed 7 essential products for any couple’s sex toy collection, however, it’s up to the couple to choose their favorites. Which products a couple will include in their collection depends on their sexual habits, and fantasies, but the most important thing is to incorporate different sex toys to keep things interesting and fresh.

All the sex toys from our list can be found at Cirilla’s, where you’ll easily find all the products you need. Ordering is simple, and the packaging and billing is discreet which means that you don’t have to worry about anyone else knowing what kind of kinky stuff you’re into.

Cirilla's Comprehensive Guide on How To Use an AutoBlow 2.0 Effectively!

Cirilla’s Comprehensive Guide On How To Use AutoBlow 2.0 Effectively!

Are you tired of masturbating only with your two hands? Do you like blowjobs? If so, then you need to get your hands on AutoBlow 2.0. This is one of the best blowjob simulators on the market, and it can make any man in the world bust a nut within minutes. It’s so good that you’ll never want to take your dick out of it, and you’ll never masturbate without it ever again once you try it out. But how does it work? Even though most sex toys come with a manual, they’re not easy to use. AutoBlow 2.0 doesn’t require much tinkering, but there are some things you should keep in mind when masturbating with it if you want to make the experience memorable. So keep reading and find out everything you need to know about this amazing little device!

What Is AutoBlow 2.0?

Firstly, let me tell you a few things about AutoBlow 2.0, so you can get acquainted with the sex toy before diving straight into the action. AutoBlow 2.0 is a newly developed blowjob simulator that uses a series of mechanical beads and applies pressure to your penis, which goes into a comfortable silicone sleeve. This mechanism provides you with the most realistic blowjob experience of your life. What people love the most about this sex toy is how intuitive it is and how immersive it feels.

Everything You Need To Know About the Autoblow 2.0

Everything You Need To Know About the Autoblow 2.0

Autoblow 2.0 is a feature-packed sex toy. The most important ones you need to know about are the following:

  • Packaging–When your AutoBlow 2.0 arrives, the first thing you’ll notice about it is the packaging. The box looks sleek and sexy and doesn’t have too much unnecessary stuff. The packaging contains the sex toy, the interchangeable sleeves, and the AC power adapter. What else do you need to have some fun?
  • Size–AutoBlow 2.0 is quite bigger than your typical sex toy. It’s like a bottle of soda, and it resembles the good old R2-D2 with its white and blue-collar pattern. Even though it’s big, it’s still beautiful and doesn’t look ridiculous like most sex toys out there on the market.
  • Buttons–The buttons on these sex toys are few and easy to figure out. There’s the up and down button and a button for pausing. This lets you easily maneuver the sex toy when you’re masturbating, meaning that you’ll never have to think about what buttons you need to press, especially once you get accustomed to using it. What I like the most about the buttons on this sex toy is that they’re not all over the place and don’t stick out. They’re also easily accessible, so you won’t have to go through the hassle of locating them when things get heated up.
  • In-built motor–AutoBlow 2.0 has an outstanding in-built electric motor that’s said to last up to 1000 hours. It will provide you with numerous gripping and stroking speeds, and to top it all off; it doesn’t have any batteries. It’ll never run out on you in the middle of a session unless you forget to charge it with the AC power adapter. You can also stick it into the power and masturbate like that if you’re too horny to wait for the recharge.
  • Sound–As AutoBlow 2.0 has one of the most powerful in-built motors, you can expect it to sound like a truck. But it isn’t as loud as one might think. Once you turn it on, though, you will realize the sheer power behind this amazing (not so little) gadget. At least it will get your blood pumping even more!
  • Sleeve–The interchangeable sleeve that comes with the AutoBlow 2.0 and goes into it is made from first-class silicone. This is super important as it will be gripping your dick while you masturbate with the toy. The quality ensures you’ll never suffer from any chafing or skin irritation, and the material feels so realistic you won’t be able to tell the difference from a real mouth. In it, there are three rings covered in beads. These will provide you with the sensation of getting blown while the motor is doing its work.

AutoBlow 2.0 is more than affordable for a blowjob simulator, especially if you consider what you’re getting for your money’s worth. That’s why it’s a perfect sex toy to treat yourself or your partner.

How To Use the AutoBlow2.0

How To Use the AutoBlow 2.0

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to reach an orgasm with AutoBlow 2.0. All you have to do is:

  • Get the gist of the controls–Before masturbating with the AutoBlow 2.0, you need to get acquainted with the controls. This will allow you to go into the session without thinking too much. Play around with them, turn the sex toy on and off, change the gripping speeds, and you’ll be good to go.
  • Lube up as much as you can–It’s of utmost importance that you use as much lube as you can when you’re masturbating with the AutoBlow 2.0. The lube will not only provide you with maximum comfort but also immersion as it’ll make the session slippery and wet, thus realistic.
  • Stick your dick into the sex toy–When you lube up, you need to put your dick into the AutoBlow 2.0. Don’t rush; take your time, and when you’re done, you’ll feel the sleeve of the sex toy gripping your dick tightly enough to feel like it’s a real mouth.
  • Power the sex toy on–Once your dick is inside the sex toy, you need to turn the sex toy on. Click on the adequate button, and you’ll be golden.
  • Find an adequate speed–When the AutoBlow 2.0 starts working on your dick, you’ll need to find an adequate speed that works best. I recommend starting slow at first, especially if you’re a beginner. This will allow you to get accustomed to the feel of the sex toy, and it’ll ease you into the sex toy. Some people prefer to start from the highest speed possible, while others like to keep it in the middle the whole way through. Everything works differently for everyone, so be sure to experiment.
  • Play some porn in the background–For even more immersion, you should put your favorite porn in the background while AutoBlow 2.0 is working on your dick. Most people like to watch blowjob videos while masturbating with this sex toy, but you can play with anything that rocks your boat.
  • Tell your partner about it–Although AutoBlow 2.0 doesn’t provide much variety and spice to your sex life with a partner, it can still be an amazing tool for foreplay or finishing things off. That’s why you should tell your significant other about it and bring an edge to the bedroom.

Remember To Clean Your Autoblow 2.0

Remember To Clean Your Autoblow 2.0

Now that you know how to use AutoBlow 2.0, I must tell you that you should always remember to take care of your sex toy. Not cleaning your AutoBlow will lead to all types of bacteria and germs gathering in it, making it unsafe for use. You should thoroughly clean it every time you masturbate with it. Luckily, cleaning the AutoBlow 2.0 is a piece of cake, thanks to the interchangeable sleeves. Simply take the silicone sleeve out, put it under some lukewarm water, wash it off, and you’ll be good to go. You can also use rubbing alcohol or soap, but be careful not to leave any on it when you’re done.

How Does Masturbating With the AutoBlow 2.0 Feel?

How Does Masturbating With the AutoBlow 2.0 Feel

The feeling of masturbating with AutoBlow 2.0 is hard to explain because it’s so specific. If I were to explain it the best, I’d say that the feeling is familiar and insanely resembling a feeling you get when a woman wraps her mouth around your dick. The more you play with the sex toy, the more you’ll get accustomed to it, and the better it’ll feel.

Where To Get the AutoBlow 2.0?

Where To Get the AutoBlow 2.0

If you still haven’t got your hands on the AutoBlow 2.0, what are you waiting for? The most convenient place you can buy it at is Cirilla’s store. You can order it in a few easy clicks, and we’ll send it over to you in one business day. I suggest you also order a lube or two with the sex toy as they’re cheap and can always come in handy, not only when you’re masturbating with this amazing gadget.

Closing Words

Overall, masturbating with AutoBlow 2.0 is one of the best experiences you can afford. It will redefine the way you jerk off, and it’ll never be the same without it again. As you can see from the article, it’s quite easy to use, and you’ll get the gist of it in no time!

AutoBlow 2.0

AutoBlow 2.0: (Extra Tight Edition Male Masturbator)

If you are a penis holder, then you know for a fact that for decades, men have had to put up with average sex toys. Then out of nowhere, Autoblow 1 cropped up. It offered some relief for a while. There was hope that finally, something good if not better was in the offing for men. But before men fully savored in its glory, the model’s successor, Autoblow 2.0 came calling. This was and still is a sex toy like no other. It flies off the shelves for reasons which, as you’re about to find out, can only be described as sublime. Read on to learn more.

What Is Autoblow 2.0?

What Is Autoblow 2.0

Before Autoblow 2.0, all major brands of sex toys for men (including Autoblow 1) were manually operated. This was a raw deal to some extent because it meant you’d have to grip your toy with your hand to hold it in position before stroking your joystick back and forth. Autoblow 2.0 changed all that by automating everything. That’s not everything, though.

Note that Autoblow 2.0 uses exactly the same concept as Autoblow 1. The only difference (which is a big difference by the way) has everything to do with execution. While Autoblow 1 was battery-powered, Autoblow 2.0 is a strictly plug-in toy. It also comes complete with an all-metal motor designed to stroke the penis for more than 500 hours with adjustable speeds. The icing on the cake is its removable mouth-shaped and sensual sleeve made of artificial skin material.

It won’t take you long before you realize how tight Autoblow 2.0 is. This is not a fluke but rather a deliberate perk for not just your convenience but pleasure. Two spring-loaded beads are the reasons behind the tight grip. Besides guaranteeing a tight grip, the two bids are also designed to amplify the sleeves’ lifespan.

Power up Autoblow 2.0 and the first thing you’ll hear is its powerful motor rumbling. Make no mistake, though, the motor isn’t noisy. It is also not whisper quiet. Think of it as just loud enough to get the job done (Which job you ask?….the blowjob, man. What else?). The motor operates the toy’s ring of beads. The beads then rotate a wheel which moves the beads up and down the sleeve’s shaft. The up and down motion is all you need for a euphoric orgasm. You can, of course, adjust the speed settings to your liking.

You don’t have to worry about Autoblow 2.0’S size. Think of it as small yet powerful enough to give you a clench-fisting orgasm. It is only 8.6 inches tall with a sizeable diameter of just 3.93 inches. This means you can easily hold it or carry it around for that orgasm whenever and wherever you need it. Then there is the canal, where your joystick goes into. It measures 6 inches with extra room to accommodate extra-large penises of up to 6.5 inches. The toy also comes with three different sleeve sizes.

Notable Features

Notable Features of Auto Blow 2.0

When it comes to sex and sex toys, first impressions matter.Get impressed with what you see and you can always look forward to some mind-blowing orgasms. Autoblow 2.0 isn’t a let-down in that regard. Its packaging is well thought out to exude a product you’ll instantly fall in love with. The packaging can be described as sizeable as far as size is concerned. Unlike many other toys, Autoblow 2.0’s packaging won’t bore you with too much marketing. The designers decided to have the toy do much of the marketing. Open the box and there she (…or he? You get to decide) is! The sleeve is right next to the toy with a power cable and a plastic rod which comes in handy when fitting the sleeve. Forget about all that though. The real notable features are:

Doesn’t Use Batteries:

Remember the aforementioned powerful motor? You certainly do. The motor is too powerful you’d need lots of batteries to power it up. This would mean a bulky toy, something that would certainly be a deal-breaker. To avoid that, the motor only roars to life when plugged into a wall outlet. As far as safety is concerned, Autoblow 2.0 uses a UL listed AC to DC converter adapter. That explains why it can run for more than 500 hours with ease.

Interchangeable Sleeves:

Want to feel like you’re having a real blowjob. Better yet, craving for some tight pussy? Autoblow 2.0 offers you a simple, yet powerful and at the same time, sensual solution. The sleeves are guaranteed to give you a blowjob vaginal kind of sensation. It’s a combo you can’t even get with a woman!

Then there is the fact that the sleeves come in three different sizes. It doesn’t matter how big or small your penis is. There’s size A for short penises, B for their average counterparts and C for the big guys. As far as girth is concerned, all sleeves can take as much as 15cm!

Anal lovers aren’t left out too. There are sleeve options for those who crave or want nothing but some anal awesomeness.

Hands Free Design:

Think of a sex toy that does everything on you, for you! That’s exactly what Autoblow 2.0 is all about. Once you’ve held it in place, close your eyes and savour the moment. Be sure to choose the speed of your liking. Autoblow 2.0 will then carry on from there, stroking you till you cum!


Auto Blow 2.0 Usage

Ease of use is also one of the main perks that come along with Autoblow 2.0. There’s really no learning curve. First, choose your desired sleeve. You have three main options – pussy, anus or mouth. Fit the chosen sleeve inside the toy using the plastic rod it came with. You must hear the ‘click’ sound to be certain the sleeve is perfectly fitted. The plastic doesn’t just offer fitting convenience. It is also a perfect hygienic precautionary tool.

Once the sleeve is fitted in its place, plug in the adapter into the toy then into the wall socket. Power up the toy then choose the speed you’re most comfortable with. Make sure you’re fully erect before slipping your penis into the toy. For maximum pleasure, use some water-based lube on your penis. Add some lube too on the sleeve. Once you’re fully inside the toy, lie or sit in a comfortable position. Let the toy run its magic show until you’re satisfied.

Wrap Up

AutoBlow 2.0 Review

You’ll most certainly have some fluid left inside the sleeve after every use. This shouldn’t be a problem because cleaning the sleeve is easy. Use plain soap and running lukewarm water. Make sure the sleeve is completely dry before using it again. Then by all means, and for obvious reasons, avoid sharing the sleeves.