If you want to spice things up in the bedroom or surprise your girlfriend, you must get your hands on vibrating panties. These state-of-the-art sex toys will make any woman go wild for them, and they’ll help you make your partner cum harder than ever before.

Girls all over the world are going wild for vibrating panties, but what is it that makes them special? Find the answers in this easy-to-follow article!

What Are Vibrating Panties?

To put it in layman’s terms, vibrating panties are exactly what you think they are: vibrating panties. They hold a bullet vibrator inside them, which you control remotely. These panties look super sexy and can make a woman feel so aroused she reaches some of the most intense orgasms of her life. They can be used in public, in the bedroom as foreplay, or wherever else you want to wear them. Vibrating panties are some of the most fun sex toys out there, especially for couples who like to spice it up a notch.

How To Use Vibrating Panties

Vibrating Panties

As there are numerous ways you can put vibrating panties to work, you’re probably wondering what some of the best ones are. Let us give you a few ideas:

  • Movies–Most couples that use vibrating panties love putting them to work when they go to the movies. That’s mostly because everyone needs to stay silent and watch the movie, and arousing your partner in those situations is always super fun.
  • Dates–Imagine going out on a date with your partner, let’s say a restaurant, and you get the chance to tease them whenever you want. Vibrating panties allow you to do just that! These sex toys will make your spouse super wet while sitting next to or in front of you, and they’ll love it!
  • Foreplay–Watching your partner get aroused in the bedroom lying next to you and cumming is a certain way you start the foreplay right! The panties don’t give too intense vibrations like a vibrator or a clit stimulator would, which makes them perfect for foreplays.
  • Long walks–Imagine being able to go on a long walk with your partner and make them cum in the middle of it. You can do exactly that with vibrating panties! Just tell your spouse to put them on, grab them by the hand, and go out.
  • Shopping–Many couples like to go to shopping malls or whatnot and play with vibrating panties. Trying on new clothes or dining at some nice restaurants is the perfect time to get teased with vibrating panties!

What Are Some of the Best Vibrating Panties You Can Find on the Internet?

The Best Vibrating Panties

Now that you’ve become an expert on vibrating panties, you probably want to know what are some of the best ones you can get for your money on the internet. You should know that the market is flooded with panties that don’t do much except look good, so the hardest thing is to pick the right ones. At Cirilla’s, you can find a plethora of vibrating panties that’ll make you reach the most intense orgasms of your life. Some of the best ones include:

Lock-N-Play Wristband Remote Panty Teaser

The Lock-N-Play Wristband Remote Panty Teaser is one of the most liked and sought-after vibrating panty models out there. It’s got a discreet wristband controller that’s super intuitive and easy to use, meaning that your partner won’t have to go over the manual a dozen times to get the controls right. Most importantly, the Lock-N-Play Wristband Remote Panty Teaser has a 32.75-foot radius range, which means that you can play with them almost everywhere you go.

The panties feature a powerful vibrator with 12 intense functions that can make you reach some of the most amazing orgasms ever. The built-in motor allows you to start off slow and tease your partner like never before. You can take them on a trip from light vibrations to some of the most knee-bending sensations they’ve felt in their life.

The panties can be recharged in just under one hour via a USB cable that comes with the package, and when fully charged, the panties will allow you to play for 90 minutes at low speeds or for 50 minutes with high-intensity stimulations.

Key features:

  • Compact, nicely designed, good looking
  • Easy to use and intuitive controls
  • 12 intense vibrating speeds
  • Waterproof
  • 75-foot radius
  • Rechargeable via a USB cable
  • Runs for quite a long time

My Secret Screaming O Charged Remote Control Panty Vibe

If you’re looking for some ridiculously sexy panties that can get you off in no time and will make any man in the world want to fuck your brains out, then you’re looking at My Secret Screaming O Charged Remote Control Panty Vibe. These are probably one of the hottest vibrating panties on the market and make the perfect birthday or Valentine present. The remote controller is also super cute and easily fits in any hand, and most importantly, works up to 50 feet away. It’s made out of True Silicone, which is super stretchy and comfortable.

The built-in motor in My Secret Screaming O Charged Remote Control Panty Vibe will provide you with a deep rumbling vibration that can make any woman reach an orgasm in minutes.

Overall, these are some great panties that your girlfriend will adore, and on top of that, she won’t have to worry about them dying on her because they come with a two-year manufacturer warranty.

Key features:

  • Strong vibrations
  • Sexy lacy lingerie-type panties
  • Made of lab-tested materials
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

Plus Size Floral Lace Boyshort & Love Egg

If you’re tight on your budget, Plus Size Floral Lace Boyshort & Love Egg are the vibrating panties you should consider getting. At $66.99, they provide you with numerous smoking hot features that are bound to spice things up in your bedroom. The panties look incredibly hot and have ten vibration modes that work up to 20 feet away. With them, you’ll be able to tease your girlfriend like never before.

Both the remote controller and the panties are USB rechargeable and also last quite long, which is always a plus. The controller is also nicely designed and fits snuggly into your hands, and the material it’s made of are top-class.

Key features:

  • Sexy design
  • 10 powerful vibration modes
  • Works up to 20 feet away
  • Rechargeable via a USB cable

Satisfyer Little Secret Connect App Remote Control Panty Vibrator

Do you want to buy vibrating panties that’ll last you a lifetime and make you reach some of the best orgasms ever? If so, the Satisfyer Little Secret Connect App Remote Control Panty Vibrator is the sex toy you need to get! This feature-packed sex toy is not only outstanding in its performance, but it’s also got a 15-year manufacturer warranty as if it’s sold in IKEA and not in sex shops.

First of all, the materials these vibrating panties are made of are outstanding, and once you get a feel for them, you’ll never want to stop wearing these panties. The remote controller also fits nicely in your hand and is super intuitive and easy to use. There are only four buttons, which means you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to play with these panties. Both the controller and the panties are also waterproof, which means you can play with them in the shower or the pool.

By far, the best feature of these vibrating panties is the compatibility with the free Satisfyer App, available both for iOS and Androids. The app offers numerous fun things to do, and you’ll love it even more than the controller because you’ll be able to look at your phone in public while teasing your partner.

Key features:

  • Compatibility with the free Satisfyer app
  • Premium design
  • Numerous vibration options
  • Made from first-class materials
  • 15-year manufacturer warranty

Lock-N-Play Remote Pulsating Panty Teaser

Lock-N-Play Remote Pulsating Panty Teaser is one of the best vibrating panties out there as it’s full of features, works in a huge radius, and doesn’t cost a fortune. There are 12 functions you can scroll through, the materials are high-quality, and you can play with them during long sessions because of their powerful battery.

Key features:

  • 12 powerful functions
  • Amazing memory chip
  • Intuitive controls
  • Fast recharge
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

Are Vibrating Panties Worth It?

Overall, when you consider what you get for your money and all the experiences you’ll have with vibrating panties, it’s safe to say they are more than worth it. They’ll allow you to try all sorts of shenanigans, your partner will love them, and you’ll reach some of the nicest orgasms ever. With them, you’ll be able to explore your kinkier side and spice things up in the bedroom hassle-free! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and visit Cirilla’s store, find some vibrating panties that you like the most, and have the time of your life!

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