The so-called masturbator is an artificial vagina, open mouth or anus, consisting of high quality artificial skin material, which should allow men during masturbation to have the most authentic sexual experience possible.

What is Autoblow 2? +?

The Autoblow successor model is the Autoblow 2+ and can basically be described as a masturbation machine or a blowjob machine. The peculiarity of the good piece is that it is able to massage the entire member and guarantees a deep sensation beyond the blowjob .

Interchangeable sleeves are available in three sizes, making it fun for men of all penis sizes. The successor model intensifies the stimulation of your penis by a tighter mechanism with a new third row of balls and pampers to 15 cm in length.

How is Autoblow 2+ ??

Autoblow 2+ has a cylindrical shape in white and blue colors and is manufactured on the side of the opening with a replaceable glove made of high quality artificial skin material, which represents the penetration channel to insert the penis.

While the structure of the device corresponds to a standard size, the sleeves can be changed and optimally adapted to the size of the penis, which guarantees you a fun intensive blowjob.

How does Autoblow 2+ work ??

The functionality of the toys is child’s play: the penis is simply pushed into the opening of the masturbator with the help of lubricant (please use a water-based gel) and turned on.

The mechanism within the frame, which surrounds the elastic casing with three rings and moves up and down with light pressure, stimulates the total length of the penis through the pearls.

With the help of these movable inlaid pearl chains, which move up and down on the toy’s sleeve, the blowjob sensation is realistically imitated. Everything is fully automated and you don’t have to move your device up and down like other toys.

The speed of movement or the choice of three levels of intensity can be determined by you simply by pressing a button, so that you can decide for yourself how quickly you want to reach the climax of the magical blowjob experience.

How does Autoblow 2+ compare to other masturbators ??
Without a doubt, Autoblow 2+ is the first truly realistic alternative to other sex toys for men. Furthermore, it is not only interesting for the masters of creation, but it can also bring a lot of joy to the game of common love ..

Who is the masturbator suitable for?

The sex toy can be perfectly integrated into the love game with your partner. Like female toys, the masturbator can be used in your love nest. Especially during sex, Autoblow 2+ can be used ideally if her boyfriends’ resistance is decreasing or if she just wants to see him.